Food, Fire Alarms and Phones, Bulldog Staff Takes on Power Outages!

January 4, 2020


Welcome to 2020!  We are excited to have Bulldogs back after a well-deserved winter break.  As we reflect upon where we've been in 2019 and we are headed, Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) had a huge impact on our community. We really took on this challenge with a strong positive response.  A huge shout-out to our staff for staying open during this difficult time. While neighboring schools were down for several days, Colfax Elementary bounced back quickly with just one day out of school. Thanks to our staff for their grit and can-do attitude, we were able to power up the essentials. Manager of Operations and Maintenance, Greg Olender especially took on the challenge.  Greg was able to get our essential services such as food, fire alarms and phones up an running. Jeanie Bardakjian, Manager of Food Services, put on a headlamp and got to work as well. Our kitchen staff prepared meals and served hundreds of students breakfast and lunch. Staff was especially appreciative to get a warm hot cup of coffee as even the local coffee shops were shut down.

Parents commented how much they appreciated these efforts so they could get to work and have their kids have a cooked meal. Our teachers provided lighted space for student learning and before and after school programs stayed open as long as possible. Thanks to Coordinator of After School Alyssa Howard and Bambi Ivey for keeping these programs open. Parents could get to work and students could maintain a sense of a routine, normalcy and learning in their day.


As we head into the new year we are looking at an exciting end of the school year with more electives, winter basketball and spring sports, working in our garden, field trips, our PTA Spring Fling, strong academics and of course a plan to become self sufficient during power outages! s


All the best in the new year.  Bring it on Bulldogs in 2020!