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How to Add a New Google Classroom (Like P.E.)

This video will walk you through on how to add a new google classroom.

Educational Learning Opportunities

Hi Sharks!

What’s Going On?

For the next few weeks we will be providing educational learning opportunities while you/your student will be at home during this time to stay safe. While these tools are completely optional, I advise you all to take part in these learning opportunities so that you don’t fall behind and continue to grow academically! On Tuesday the majority of you collected packages that I put together that contains three weeks worth of school! If you did not pick yours up there will be another opportunity on: THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2020 BETWEEN 1 - 3 PM in the bulldog gym. I have posted resources that you are welcome to use to help you get through this time. If I can provide any support to you and your family please let me know! Keep reading below for some further explanation of what’s going on.

I need help!

  • I am just an email away! You can ALWAYS email me at
    • If you need an alternate way of communicating, but CAN send me an email, please let me know and I can give you a phone number
    • If you need an alternate way of communicating, but CANNOT send me an email, please contact the school and they will get a hold of me. 
  • My Google Classroom, which will be updated with powerpoints to walk you through each day, can be accessed here:
  • My google classroom will soon contain links to resources that will help you with the harder material (such as math)
  • My google Classroom will also have videos of me checking in on all of you!

Need ideas on what to do when you're at home?

  • Check out Mrs. Florence’s art page!!
  • Practice Life Skills!
    • Ask a guardian if you can help them cook
    • See if you can help out in the garden
    • If you have a pet, see what you can do to care for them
    • Is there something you can organize or clean? Imagine how good it will feel to stay home in a super clean house!
    • Something broken around the house? See if you can help your guardian!
  • Check out Mrs. Sunding’s STEM page!
    • (check out how to gain access by looking up my powerpoint for Week 1 Day 1)
  • Connect with others!
    • When was the last time you wrote a letter to your relatives who live somewhere else?
    • Want to talk to me? Send me an email telling me what you’re up to. You can even see if you can take pictures with your guardians phone and email them to me! You can even write letters and stick them back in your brown package for me to read when we get it back!
  • Log what’s happening
    • You are a part of history right now! How cool is that? Write down what is happening around you, what you’re feeling, and how you and your family are solving problems - this will be really cool to look back on in the future.

Other Important Information Regarding School:

  • Please continue to check your email and be ready to answer your phone for calls containing important updates from our school principal, Mr. Bagget.
  • If you are receiving breakfast and lunch from the school, your next opportunity to stop in will be on THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2020 BETWEEN 1 - 3 PM in the bulldog gym.
  • School Website:
  • School Phone Number: 


(If you have any questions please ask them as more likely than not, someone else has the same question. I will continue to update this section)

Q: Is there a due date?

A: Nope! There is no due date. The only thing I ask is that when we return from school, please return ALL contents that were in the package to me regardless of what is complete and what is not complete. This way I can keep track of what supports you may need and I can keep track of my class set of Frindle books.

Q: Are kids allowed on campus?

A: No, there are absolutely no students or children allowed on campus. Staff is not allowed to bring their children either.

Q: I don’t have internet, is it vital my student access your google classroom?

A: It is not important, don’t worry. It is there strictly as a resource to help you.

Q: I can’t get access to your google classroom.

A: Check what email account you are on when you attempt to gain go on my classroom. your student must be on their

    • For example, If I had a Tiffany Havens in my class, she would be
    • Some of you may have numbers at the end of your email. For example, If there were multiple people with the last name Smith, their email might be

Q: My student does not remember any of their passwords

A: Please send me an email and I will help you out!

Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: Definitely email :

Final Notes:

I did not realize just how much I would miss you guys until the reality set in when I was making packages for you. I cannot express how much each one of you have touched my life and how much I will be thinking of YOU. If you ever need to talk, please reach out to your guardian and they will help you get in contact with me. Please stay safe and I look forward to when I get to see your beautiful faces and spirits! The good news is that we are still all on the same team, and let’s be honest, SHARKS RULE!