Leah Florence

Room 18
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Welcome to Art Class!
This site is designed for you to scroll through and find a project that will be a perfect fit for your child and family. There are projects that could keep your child occupied for days or just 30-45 minutes. Not every project requires a lot of art supplies. Some projects only require paper and a pencil. However, if you want your child the opportunity to explore more materials there are projects for that as well. However you do art in your home I am sure I have a project that fits right in.
Also, just so you know we are going to have a furry friend join in on the fun so you won't be making art alone.  Introducing Gizmo the Artistic Hamster!
Have fun exploring these lessons and HAVE FUN!!
Watercolor Projects
There are so many fun and interesting things you can do with watercolor paints! If you do not have watercolor paints they are super inexpensive and can be bought at any grocery store, craft store or even at the dollar store. If you would rather not venture out you can purchase them online as well.
All watercolors come with a brush. If you would like a nicer brush most craft sections have options available as well and you can of course go online.
Lastly, watercolor paper will work best for these projects. However, I would rather you use whatever paper you have lying around than not to do the projects at all.
Each of these projects have other materials you might need but I tried to use supplies you might already have at home like salt and crayons. I hope your child enjoys exploring the amazing world of watercolors with these fun and interesting projects. Make sure to visit CES's FaceBook page in order to post your artwork. Gizmo and I would love to see what you have been up too. This is Gizmo patiently awaiting to see your artwork.
Just click on the videos below to start the fun!
Mixed Media Projects
Mixed media in the art world basically means that there are lots of ways of making art. In this section you will find projects that use a variety of materials. Some of these projects even seem like science experiments! Most of the projects have supplies you can find around your household. Gizmo is quite the rascal in some of these lessons but always seems to complete the projects even though he rarely follows the rules. Gizmo! He would like to see your work so don't forget to post to the CES FaceBook page! I hope you have fun exploring interesting materials and using your creativity to make something completely new and your own. Here is Gizmo with cheeks stuffed with who knows what! He says he's waiting to eat until he can look at your artwork. He's such a silly hamster!