Colfax Elementary School

Family Handbook 


Colfax Elementary School Family Handbook 

Table of Contents


Administrative Message  2  

Pledge and Vision Statement  3  

Board of Trustees   4

School Wide Positive Behavior Program 

School Rules  5

Student Recognition  5

Bulldog Values  5

Behavior Expectations  

and Communication  6-7

School Policies, Procedures, and Information 

Absences 7

Academic Excellence 7

Accidents  7

Appointments  7  

Arrival/Departure from school  8 

Assemblies  8

Assessments/Testing  8

Athletics 8

Attendance  8-9 

Back to School Night  9 

Birthdays  9

Books and Supplies  9 

Calling Classrooms  9

Cheating  10

Classroom Visitation 10  

Closed Campus 10

Computer Use  10

Conferences  10

Conflict Management  10-11  

Contracts 11

Dances  11

Dress Code  11
Eighth Grade Graduation Participation   Requirements 11-12 
Emergency Procedures 12
Facilities and Equipment  12
Field Trips  13
Food 13
Hall Passes 13
Health Screenings 13
Homework 13-14
Inappropriate Items 14
Independent Study 14
Language 14
Library 15
Lost and Found 15
Lunches 15
Medication 15
Messages and Deliveries 15
Minimum Days  15
Open House 15
Physical Education 15-16
Pick Up/Drop Off Students 16
Progress Reports 16

Parents and Teachers Association (PTA)  16
Report Cards 16

Resolving Conflict 16 

Safety 16-17

School Closure 17
School Site Council  17
Sexual Harassment  17

Snacks 17

Spirit Days  17

Student Council 17-18 

Student Records  18

Study Hall 18

Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)  18

Technology Use 18

Textbooks 18

Tobacco and Drug Free Zone  18

Transportation 19

Volunteers 1

Colfax Elementary School 

24825 Ben Taylor Road Colfax, CA 95713 530-346-2202 

Dear Parents and Students,

The staff at Colfax Elementary School welcomes you to the 2020-2021 school year. This handbook contains useful information regarding school policies, procedures, and general information. We encourage you to read it from cover to cover and keep as a reference to use throughout the school year. As always, please call the school office or check with your child’s teacher if you need clarification on any topic. Our staff will be happy to assist you. 

There have been some changes to this year’s family handbook. These sections are informative and it is important that you are aware of how we work with students in understanding and following our school rules. 

We encourage school and family communication via the web site at www.colfax.k12.ca.us, our Facebook page, and regular “all calls” to our families. We believe that a child is best served when everyone is on the same page and the lines of communication are open. 

Some of the most important things a family can do to help their child succeed in school are: 

  • Send your child to school every day and on time.
  • Communicate regularly with your child’s teacher.  
  • Get involved at Colfax Elementary with Site Council, PTA, or in the classroom 
  • Insist that your child complete his/her homework and read  every day 
  • 4th – 8th grade families check  planners (this year they may be electronic) daily. 

We are committed to meeting the needs of all students at Colfax Elementary School and look forward to your participation as well. 


Mr. Baggett 


Colfax Elementary School Pledge 

The Colfax Elementary School District pledges to provide each student with the skills and high levels of learning needed for success in high school and beyond. 


Students will master a challenging academic program in order to better their own lives and the lives of others. 

Staff will foster a challenging and positive learning climate where students are valued as individuals. 

Families and the community will actively engage in the  support of student achievements and wellness. 

Colfax Elementary School District 

Board Of Trustees 

24825 Ben Taylor Road, Colfax CA 95713 

Name Term Expires 

Karen Sheets, Board President 2020 

Alicia Ackerman, Clerk  2020 

Sharin Graves 2022 

Barbara Hanscom Gagnon 2022 

Melissa Kinsey 2020 

School Wide Positive Behavior Program

At Colfax Elementary School, there are only three (3) school rules

  • Be Safe 
  • Be Respectful 
  • Be Responsible 

School rules and positive student behavior expectations will be taught, reviewed, and reinforced in the classroom and all areas of the Colfax Elementary School campus.  Each classroom has a system of positive reinforcement that supports student progress and achievement for all students.  Students will be rewarded through praise, recognition, and incentives for their effort, growth, and success.

Each classroom teacher will review their unique and engaging positive reinforcement program and incentives based on student progress and achievement in meeting classroom and school expectations and goals.

Each classroom will teach and reinforce one of the Colfax Elementary School values each month.  Students will practice and apply the value in a variety of ways on campus throughout the month and throughout the school year.

School Wide Positive Behavior Recognition 

  • “CAUGHT YOU BEING GOOD” forms = Weekly drawing for prizes and names added to a monthly drawing during Bulldog Blast!
  • Recognition and Praise by CES staff for demonstrating Safe, Respectful, Responsible behaviors.
  • Bulldog Awards for their effort/achievement in demonstrating the CES values (certificate) at the monthly Bulldog Blast.

Parents will be notified by classroom teachers when students are successfully meeting behavior expectations and celebrated at the Bulldog Blast!

Bulldog Values:

August: Respect

September: Inclusivity

October: Courage

November: Trust

December: Generosity

January: Honesty

February: Love

March: Humility

April: Empathy

May Sharing

Behavior Expectations and Communication

All CES students are expected to be safe, responsible, and respectful in the classrooms and all other areas of the Colfax Elementary School campus.  In order to support students in their success of this goal, students will receive instruction and opportunities to practice expectations in order to build fluency.  Parents will receive communication of student behavior challenges from teachers and/or administration based on the level and frequency of the problem behavior(s).

Behavior Levels:

  • Level 1: Minor
    • The student continued behavior after redirection, reteaching and/or practice of the expected behavior.
    • The student may need to practice the expected behavior, take steps to repair the harm to those affected or resolve the challenge with classroom teacher or staff support.
    • A parent or guardian may receive communication in the form of a phone call, email, or copy of CES Behavior Referral Form from the teacher.
    • Repeated ongoing Level 1 (Minor) problem behaviors may lead to a Level 2 (Major) referral.
  • Level 2: Major
    • The behavior is excessive and/or repeated after redirection, reteaching and practice of the expectation.
    • The student may need to practice the expected behavior, take steps to repair the harm to those affected or resolve the challenge with classroom teacher or staff support.
    • The parent or guardian will receive communication in the form of a phone call, email, or copy of CES Behavior Referral Form from the teacher.
    • Repeated Level 2 (Major) problem behaviors may cause the student to miss the opportunity to participate in the next upcoming school activity or class reward.
    • Repeated ongoing Level 2 (Major)  problem behaviors may lead to a Level 3 (Major with administrator involvement) referral.
  • Level 3: Major that requires immediate administrator referral
    • Behavior is excessive and/or illegal
    • The behavior may require additional support from outside resources such as the School Resource Officer, School Counselor, and or other law enforcement or community services.
    • The parent or guardian will receive communication in the form of a phone call or email from the administrator.
    • The student may be required to participate in a formal restorative conference to repair the harm to those affected by the behavior.  An action plan or contract may be established with support from school staff and the administration.
    • The student will miss the opportunity to participate in the next upcoming school activity or event.  

Behaviors that may result in immediate full day/multiple day suspension include: 

  • Using hands or feet to solve a problem 
  • Attack or injury to another student or threat of injury 
  • Assault with anything that can be used as a weapon 
  • Bringing a weapon (knives, guns, etc.) to school 
  • Possession or use of any controlled substance
  • Harassment/Bullying:  Please contact your student’s teacher or use the STOP IT App on the school website to report Bullying, Harassment or behaviors that make students feel unsafe at school. 
  • Vandalism 
  • Engaging in sexual, racial or religious harassment 

School Policies, Procedures, and Information 


If your child is ill and will be absent, please telephone the school on the day of the absence. Illness, medical appointments and death of an immediate family member are the only reasons for an excused absence. All other absences are considered “unexcused”. If attendance for the full school day is not possible, we appreciate the effort extended in having your child attend any portion of the day. If a student is absent for the entire school day, then he/she will not be able to attend any extra-curricular activities slated for that day (ie: dances, sporting events, etc.) School work may be requested to be brought to the office if a student is absent two or more days. If your student has a chronic illness that may require them to be absent multiple times, please contact the office to obtain a chronic illness form. A chronic illness form is completed by your student's doctor and helps the school to verify absences due to illness.

Academic Excellence and Standards Based Growth

Students in grades four through eight are eligible for Honor Roll and Growth Achievement Awards.  Students must not have any outstanding academic contracts in order to receive an academic excellence reward. April 30th will be the last grading period for those who wish to participate on the trip chaperoned by the principal or teacher(s). Students must have good behavior throughout the year to attend the trip.  (See requirements for special school activities.) 


Parents will be notified in the unlikely event that their child should receive a serious injury while at school, or during a school-sponsored activity off school grounds. Whenever possible, parents will be asked to pick up the child for their own observation or examination by their family physician. If parents cannot be reached, the student will be discharged to the person named on the emergency card. "In the event of an emergency and the student's parent or guardian cannot be reached, the school may decide to have the student transported by emergency services." CA Ed Code Section 35350. For this reason, please complete the card promptly and return it to school. Kindly notify the office staff should you need to update your child’s emergency information. 


If your child has an appointment that requires him/her to leave school early, please send a note or telephone the office staff prior to the appointment. Students will be released to persons listed on the Emergency card only, and must be signed out in the office prior to leaving school grounds. The California Safe Schools Act may require office staff to request picture identification from an adult picking up a child during the school day. If possible, please schedule appointments so that they do not conflict with instructional time. 

Arrival/Departure to and from School

Yard duty supervision begins thirty minutes prior to the start of the school day and ends approximately ten minutes after dismissal. Students should go directly to the Primary Playground (K-3rd grades) or the Blacktop (4th – 8th grades) when they arrive at school. Students are not permitted in classrooms, where there is no teacher present, at any time. Please do not have your children arrive prior to thirty minutes before the start of the school day. Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up promptly at their dismissal time. When dropping off or picking up your child in the loading zones, please stay in your vehicle when your car is unattended. There are adequate parking stalls available should you need to leave your vehicle. To ensure the safety of the children, use the designated yellow loading zones, ONLY, when dropping off or picking up your child. If you need to get out of your vehicle for any reason, you must park in a designated parking area. When in the loading zone, please continue to move forward to ensure a smooth dismissal in the parking lot. Students should be dropped off only on the sidewalk along the yellow zone from the passenger side. Please do not drop students in the lower campus parking lot. This is for preschool, staff and handicap parking. If you have special situations regarding pick-up, please see the office for a special circumstance form. 


Throughout the school year, a variety of Visual and Performing Arts, Science and other assemblies will be provided for your child. Our Parents and Teachers Association provides the funding for these VAPA Assemblies. Monthly Bulldog Blast Assemblies are held to award outstanding student achievement recognized by the classroom teachers. Parents and family guests are invited to attend the Bulldog Blast.  Please check in at the office before attending any assemblies on campus.


In addition to the various informal and formal assessments that your child’s classroom teacher conducts on a regular basis, the Colfax Elementary School District participates in regular universal assessments to determine the needs and supports of Students including but not limited to the following formal assessments:  CAASPP (Smarter Balance) Grades 3-8, District Math & Language Arts Benchmark Assessments, Grades K-8, P.E. Testing Grades 5 and 7


At various times throughout the school year, 4th – 8th grade students will have the opportunity to participate in school-sponsored team sports (cross-country, basketball, track, volleyball, etc.) Students are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior, maintain good citizenship,  and maintain positive academic standing. Repeated minors and/or major behaviors may impact the student’s participation in any athletic activity. Please refer to the Athletic Policy for specific details. Also, refer to the requirements for participation in special school activities in this handbook. 


The State of California and the Colfax Elementary School District expect students to be in school on a daily basis. The only exceptions to this are illness, medical appointments or death of an immediate family member. Students who are frequently absent or tardy often fall behind in learning and may become at-risk for retention. Absences and tardies affect the learning of every student in the classroom due to disruption. 

The Colfax Elementary School District will notify parents, by mail or telephone, if their child begins to accumulate numerous absences and/or tardies. Students who have accumulated 3 or more unexcused absences or tardies in excess of 30 minutes are truant (California Education Code 48269 (a)). Truant students AND students with excessive excused absences, (approximately 10% of days enrolled in school) may be referred to Placer County Student Attendance Reporting Board (SARB) for County support and intervention. Referral to this board may result in a home visit by child protective agencies or local law enforcement. The Placer County District Attorney’s Office may be notified in the event of habitual truancy. 

Please work with the school to see that your child attends every day. We encourage you to use the school’s 24-hour voice mail system to report absences at 346-2202 ext 222. If your child is absent, you must call the attendance line that same day. 

Back-to-School Night 

Back-to-School Night is an event designed for parents or guardians of Transitional Kindergarten - 8th grade students.  The event is divided into two nights to allow opportunities for parents or guardians with multiple students and different grade levels to attend.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend each child’s Back-to- School Night.Please check the school calendar for dates.  Child care/supervision is not provided during Back to School Night. Please make every attempt to arrange for child care for your student at home so that you may attend to the informative classroom presentations. Teachers will provide classroom presentations that are designed to inform parents regarding specific classroom policies and procedures. This evening is not intended for a review of your child’s progress in his/her class.  

Birthday’s (Please refer to most recent health and safety updates)

If you would like to send a birthday snack for your child’s class, please make arrangements with the classroom teacher beforehand. Please also check with the teacher for any student allergies and keep these snacks healthy. Please check in with any birthday snacks at the office. Balloons, presents, etc. should be presented to the child at home, as valuable learning time is lost when classrooms are interrupted. We encourage you to have students distribute birthday party invitations outside of instructional time and discreetly so as to avoid a child’s feelings being hurt. 

Books and Supplies

Students will be provided with school textbooks and most materials. Each student is responsible for handling these materials in a careful manner. In the case of lost or damaged textbooks, library books, or other school materials, the child will be responsible for replacement costs. Teachers may request that parents provide their child with supplemental school supplies (binders, folders, etc.) that will help to promote organizational skills. Report cards/diplomas may be held for unpaid fines or missing textbooks or chromebooks. 

Calling Classrooms

We make every effort to minimize disruptions that interfere with your child’s learning. Therefore, we encourage parents to contact teachers via e- mail. The office will not interrupt classrooms to forward telephone calls from parents. You may contact any teacher via email by typing the individual’s first initial, last name, then the suffix “@colfax.k12.ca.us” (example: tteacher@colfax.k12.ca.us).  A link to all teacher emails is also available on the school website.


Students should be proud of what they accomplish through honest effort. Cheating and plagiarism defeat this objective. When a student is guilty of cheating or plagiarism, the teacher shall collect the student paper, mark a zero for the work, complete a CES Behavior Referral Form  and notify the parents of students involved. 

To clarify cheating, we have developed these guidelines: 

  1. A student may not be in possession of another student’s paper without teacher permission. 
  1. Students who give work to others to copy without prior teacher consent are also guilty of cheating. 
  1. If a student’s work looks substantially like another’s, it will not be considered his/her own work. 
  1. For group work, students may share ideas, answer each other’s verbal questions and get clarification. But, each individual must produce his/her own individual work, which may not be substantially like others. Copying from other sources without giving credit, including Internet sites, is considered plagiarism, a form of cheating. 

Classroom Visitation (Please refer to most recent health and safety updates)

Parents are welcome to visit the school when it is in session. It is, however, necessary to have some guidelines so that your visitation does not disrupt the learning environment. All visitors are required, by law, to sign in at the office and provide identification (Driver’s License).  Visitors are also required to wear a visitor’s badge while on campus. Kindly contact your child’s teacher and/or the school principal at least 24 hours in advance when you intend to visit. If there is a matter that you wish to discuss at length, please make an appointment with your child’s teacher for a conference that will occur outside of class time. 

Closed Campus 

The Colfax Elementary School District has established that students must remain on campus until the end of the day, once they arrive on the school grounds. If any student chooses to leave the school grounds without parent/teacher permission AND adult supervision, he/she will be classified as truant and will be subject to disciplinary action. Law enforcement may also be summoned if the student’s whereabouts are unknown. 


End of trimester conferences are used for reporting progress and charting goals for students. Parents will be notified of the date and time for scheduled conferences.  Dates can be found on the school calendar.  Additional conferences may be scheduled as needed throughout the school year. The average length of a conference is twenty minutes. Parents are encouraged to set up additional conferences as the need arises. It is critical that parents attend conferences when the teacher requests them, particularly if a student is performing below grade level or is at risk of being retained.

Conflict Management 

Conflict Management is a conflict resolution program available to all students in grades. Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grade students are trained in developing skills involving active, positive self-talk, positive communication and conflict resolution. If students are not able to resolve a conflict on their own, they can fill out a Conflict Management Form available in their classroom and an appointment will be set up. A trained Conflict Manager will use their skills to help resolve any issue. Selected students, teachers, classified staff, administrative staff, and community members are trained in the Fall of each school year.


Teachers may issue an Academic Contract for any student who has not completed the requirements of the trimester. The intent of these contracts is to give the student an opportunity to complete a portion of the work that was lacking during the academic grading period. If a student is issued a contract, a copy of the contract will be sent home with the report card. When the student completes the contract, he/she is to turn in the completed work to the issuing teacher. The issuing teacher will evaluate the work and either return to the student for revision or “sign off” the contract. If a student has not completed all contracts, he/she will be considered at-risk for retention. All 8th grade contracts must be completed by May 1st of the Eighth grade year in order to meet graduation criteria.


Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students will have the opportunity to attend evening dances at Colfax Elementary School. Teachers, administrators and parent chaperones will also be in attendance. Students must maintain good classroom and school behavior in order to attend. All school rules apply during school activities.  By formal invitation, other schools may attend Colfax Elementary School dances with the approval of their administration. Otherwise, the Colfax Elementary School District does not permit students from schools outside the district to attend dances. Students are encouraged to develop proper social skills at these functions. It is not appropriate for students to attend dances as “couples” or with a “date”. Students should refrain from suggestive or inappropriate dancing while in attendance.. Please make arrangements so that students are picked up promptly at the end of the dance. Please refer to the participation requirements for the special activities section of this handbook. 

Dress Code

A dress code has been established to set proper standards for appearance, and to minimize disruptions and distractions from learning. Case law has provided that student dress may be prohibited if the dress is unsafe or unhealthful to the student or others or the dress is disruptive to the school’s operation or to the education process. Children attending school should have the appearance of “students” to maintain a business-like learning environment. Students must adhere to the following: 

  • Attire may not be of a revealing nature. Specifically prohibited dress items include, but are not limited to: bare midriff shirts, halter, strapless, and spaghetti strap tops, low necklines, transparent fabrics, revealing trousers or shorts that are worn too low, and shorts, skirts, etc. shorter than 12 inches from the waistband to the garment’s hem. Tank top straps must be at least two inches in width. 
  • Clothing is to be clean and neat. “Sagging” is inappropriate school attire. Pants are to fit properly at the waist. Overly tight pants are not practical for school activities and may not be worn. Pajamas cannot be worn at school. 
  • Clothing is not allowed which display drawings, logos, language, writing, etc. of the following, but are not limited to: advertising of alcoholic beverages, tobacco or drugs, advocating violence or gang activity, sexually suggestive, slanderous, libelous, offensive, or obscene. 
  • Intentionally wearing any symbol that is associated with group intimidation is prohibited. Any clothing, accessory or manner of grooming associated with violence is not permitted. As information is made available to the school staff regarding “colors”, etc. that are judged to be gang related, additional dress items not enumerated in this policy may be prohibited from being worn at school. 
  • Shoes are to be worn at all times. Strapless shoes, backless sandals, high heels, flip flops, and slippers are unsafe for school and may not be worn. Students may be required to bring athletic shoes for physical education class. 
  • Excessive jewelry, fragrance and/or make-up are a distraction and should not be worn. 
  • Any manner of grooming which may cause a disruption to the learning environment is not permitted at school. 
  • Hats may be worn for sun, rain or cold weather protection.  When wearing a hat, the bill should be facing forward. Hoods, such as those attached to a jacket or sweatshirt may not be worn indoors. 
  • Sunglasses are not permitted in buildings; medical need as the only exception indoors. 
  • Pupils shall not display any clothing or materials which could incite other pupils to commit unlawful acts, violations of District/School Policy or substantial disruption of the orderly process of the school while on school premises.

Students who are dressed inappropriately will be removed from class. Parents will be contacted so that appropriate attire may be brought to school, in order to allow the student to complete the school day. Whenever possible, school personnel will attempt to resolve the issue in the most efficient manner possible to alleviate lost learning time. Section #302 of Title V California Code of Regulations provides that a “pupil who goes to school without proper attention having been given to personal cleanliness or neatness of dress, may be sent home to be properly prepared for school, or shall be required to prepare himself for the school room before entering”. This section shall be interpreted and implemented only with respect to case law that cleanliness and neatness is related to health and safety and/or school disruption.

Eighth Grade Graduation Participation Requirements

Participation in Colfax Elementary School District 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony, graduation practice and graduation activities is a privilege that each student earns. Therefore, in order to receive a diploma, participate in the 8th Grade Graduation each student must meet all requirements.  Graduation requirements will be provided to parents and students at the beginning of each school year.  

Emergency Procedures 

Colfax Elementary School has a Safety Plan in place which specifies action to be taken for the following emergency situations: explosion or threat of explosion, earthquake, severe windstorm, flood, fire, war, evacuation, bomb threats, intruders, and chemical accidents. During an emergency, children will be dismissed to go home by the Superintendent  ONLY if there is time to return students safely to their homes AND parents can be notified. Students of parents who are not contacted will remain in the care of school personnel. 

Facilities and Equipment

Students are expected to properly care for books, supplies and all parts of the school buildings and grounds. Damage that is purposeful and willful will be regarded as vandalism and parents will be charged for the cost of repairing the damage and any reward offered. Banks/hillsides are off-limits to prevent erosion of soil. The railings and gates are not to be used as play apparatus. No sliding down the railings or swinging on the gates. No trashing, vandalizing, writing on walls, standing on toilets, or hanging on doors in the restrooms. No spitting, squirting, or pushing at/near the water fountains.

Field Trips (Please refer to most recent health and safety updates)

Students may attend school-sponsored field trips. Parent permission slips MUST be signed and returned to school personnel prior to the trip. All standard rules for proper behavior will be expected and enforced on field trips. Students may be required to use district-provided transportation for both their departure and arrival back to school when on a field trip. 

Students requiring medication on trips must have appropriate documents completed with the school office.  The school office will notify the teacher of medication approvals. 

Any adult chaperoning students during a field trip or sporting event must complete a volunteer packet, be fingerprinted, and cleared by the office before attending the field trip.

Any adult driving students during a field trip or sporting event must complete a volunteer packet, be fingerprinted, provide a copy of DMV driving record, proof of insurance, and TB clearance. When a class returns back to school before the end of the day, students are expected to return to their class for the remainder of the school day.

Food   (Please refer to most recent health and safety updates)

Keeping our campus clean develops respect for our facilities and pride in our school. Students will be encouraged to help by eating food and beverages only in designated areas, and by cleaning up after themselves. The custodial staff may assist in cleaning, but is not required to clean up messes intentionally left by students. Children eating snacks at recess need to sit down or stand quietly to eat in designated areas. Students should avoid food or drink with excessive caffeine and/or sugar. Only water is allowed in classrooms. 

Hall Passes

Passes are required to be anywhere other than the playground and restrooms during recesses and breaks. Students are required to have a hall pass any time they are out of class. 

Health Office and Screenings

Periodic health screenings will occur on campus.  Students will be sent home in accordance with health and safety guidelines.  Parents or emergency card contacts will be contacted to pick up students immediately.   

Our school nurse will facilitate scheduled screenings in: vision and hearing for grades K, 2, 5, 8.  Parents will be contacted regarding additional health screening opportunities. Teachers may also refer a student to the nurse for a health screening if a concern arises.

As a California school, we are required to check immunization records for all new student admissions at TK/Kindergarten through 8th grade and all students advancing to 7th grade before entry. The school can exclude any pupil who does not meet the requirements for admission or continued attendance.


The amount of homework assigned shall be related to the maturity and ability level of the students in each class. Homework is a vital part of a student’s education and serves to teach responsibility as well as to reinforce skills. Parents should provide a designated time and place for homework. Parents are also encouraged to review completed homework assignments for accuracy and quality. It is the student’s responsibility to clarify homework assignments prior to leaving school each day. Teachers provide assignment calendars or require students to record independently.

The amount of time spent on homework varies with each child, depending upon the number of distractions, pace, enthusiasm and motivation.  In order to prepare materials, please contact the teacher directly with your homework request 24 hours in advance. There is not sufficient time during the instructional day for staff to prepare make-up work without proper notification. The classroom teacher will allow a reasonable period of time for make-up assignments, missed due to excused absences, to be completed. 

Inappropriate Items 

Students should keep valuables, expensive items, dangerous materials or illegal articles off the school campus. 

The following items are not allowed at school: 

aerosol cans, drugs/drug/vape paraphernalia, tobacco, alcohol, fireworks, flammable fluids, toys, guns, pocket knives, skate’s, matches, lighters, weapons, glass items, gum, radios/CD players, wireless earbuds, electronic games, shoes w/retractable wheels, skateboards, scooters, hardballs, rollerblades, or other dangerous objects 

The following items may be brought to school if they are required for an assignment or class project, approved by a teacher: IPOD, cameras, video cameras, CD’s, and electronic readers. 

CELLULAR PHONES are not to be turned on/used by students at any time during the school day. If a student has a cell phone at school, it must remain powered off in the student’s backpack while he/she is at school. Students with cell phones on and/or out of their backpacks, between the hours of 7:30 and 2:30, will need to bring the phone to the office with staff escort and supervision.  The student’s phone will also be powered off and held in the office for a parent to pick up after school or at their earliest convenience during office hours.  

The school is not responsible for loss or damage to any of these articles. Inappropriate items will be confiscated from students and will be returned only to the child’s parents/guardian. 

Independent Study/Home School Program

If you are aware that your child will miss school for five or more days, we recommend that you request a short term independent study contract. Please contact the school office for an independent study contract at least five days prior to the absences. The contract must be signed by the student, the parent(s) of the student and by the child’s teacher(s). In order to receive academic credit, all work is to be completed and turned in the day that your child returns to school. The independent study contracts only apply to absences of five days or more. 

Colfax Elementary School offers a full Independent Study/Home School Program for students and families that choose an alternate school setting.  Please contact the school office for details.


Students are expected to use appropriate, respectful language when they are at school or participating at a school event or activity. Cursing and/or offensive language will result in an immediate referral. The level of the referral will be determined by severity.


Students will visit the school library during a regularly scheduled time with their classes or may attend during designated supervised drop in times. Students are not allowed in the library and/or computer lab without staff supervision. Students will be held accountable for books at the end of each grading period. Report cards/diplomas may be held for students who have not returned library materials and/or paid replacement costs. If library materials are not returned and/or paid for before the last week of school, students may have to receive their report card/diploma in the mail. 

Lost and Found 

All personal belongings that are found on campus are placed in the lost and found located in front of the gym. Please ask your child to check there first if he/she has lost something at school. Periodically, items not claimed from the lost and found will be donated to local charities. Parents are encouraged to mark their child’s name on every item that is brought to school so that, if misplaced, it may be returned as quickly as possible. 


Application forms for free or reduced lunches may be completed online on the food service website.  A paper application may be requested through the school office.  


School personnel are not authorized to administer medication without an accompanying physician’s note. This policy includes aspirin, cough syrup and other over-the-counter remedies. Students are not permitted to keep medication or other over-the-counter remedies of any kind in their backpacks or in classrooms without a medication authorization form being filed and held in the school health office. All medications must be taken in the office with proper documentation and supervision unless otherwise noted on the student’s healthcare plan. Medical forms for this purpose are available in the school office or on the school website. 

Messages and  Deliveries

Use of the office and classroom telephones will be limited. If you need to deliver an item to your child during the school day, please leave it with the office staff. 

Minimum Days 

Minimum days are scheduled periodically throughout the school year. Please review the school calendar regularly, as well as all school-to-home communications so that your child will have timely transportation home after school.

Open House

Our Annual Open House will be held at the end of the third trimester.  Please refer to the academic calendar for dates.  Families are welcome to visit as students and teachers showcase their hard work. 

Physical Education 

Our Physical Education (PE) goal is to offer a variety of activities throughout the year with an emphasis on health and physical fitness. The Physical Education program is structured to meet the needs and interests of all students while following California State Content Standards. All students will participate in Physical Education class per state requirements. Students are expected to participate in all aspects of class every day. Proper attire must be worn to allow for full participation.  If your child has a note from their parent/guardian OR their doctor excusing them from their Conditioning/Physical Education class, he/she will not be permitted to participate in our sports program for the same duration of time. This includes modified activities as well. 

Pick up / Drop off of Students

Students must be picked up at the end of the day in the designated pick up area. If you would like to meet your student at the classroom, parents/guardians must wait at the top of the stairs by the main office until the final bell of the day. If parents need to get out of their car for any reason, they must park in a parking spot to allow the traffic to flow through the loading/unloading zone.  All students must unload and load on the sidewalk side of school. It is not safe to  unload or load student’s on the driver’s side, into oncoming traffic

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be issued at the midpoint of each trimester. Parents should be prepared to work with the teacher and their child to make improvements, where necessary, prior to the issuance of report cards. It is critical that parents review, sign and return each progress report. With the Parent Portal you can access grades / assignments anytime from computer with internet access. If you need assistance with setting up Parent Portal contact Doreen Hawkins at 346-2202 extension 212. 

Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) / Volunteers

PTA supports and supplements many school programs. By creating an informal working relationship, the PTA identifies and responds to the needs of our school. When appropriate, funds are provided for special projects and activities that would otherwise not be possible. Currently, PTA fundraisers fund CES’ Science, Visual and Performing Arts assemblies. PTA also helps pay for field trips, organizes a Fall Festival and Spring Fling. PTA appreciates all parent involvement. If you have any questions about becoming a member of PTA, please contact the PTA through the school website or email  colfaxelementaryschoolpta@gmail.com  - PTA would love to have you! 

Parent volunteers are always welcome and appreciated.  Please contact the school office for the requirements for volunteering on the school campus during the instructional day.

Report Cards 

Report cards will be issued at the end of each trimester to inform parents of their child’s academic performance and progress toward meeting the state standards. By law, teachers have the sole discretion as to how grades are evidence of progress towards standards are determined. Please be sure to attend your child’s Back-to-School Night where each teacher’s grading policy will be addressed. Keep up-to-date on your child’s progress by regularly reviewing graded work, progress reports and through the online parent portal. 

Resolving Conflict (Chain of Command)

Occasionally a disagreement or concern may arise concerning particular district, school or classroom procedures. Concerns should be brought to the attention of your child’s teacher first. Most problems can be resolved through parent-teacher communication. Please keep comments toward and about your child’s teacher positive. Should you feel that the matter has not been resolved after parent-teacher communication, please make an appointment to further discuss the matter with a school administrator. 


The school district works cooperatively with law enforcement and other agencies and has a comprehensive safety plan. Increased staff presence and security cameras for surveillance are part of our campus plan. In accordance with state law, evacuation drills will be conducted every month. Students are expected to respond quickly and safely as directed by school personnel. Parents on campus during an evacuation should follow the direction of school staff until the conclusion of the drill. It is important for all visitors to sign in and out of the office, obtain and wear a visitor’s badge when on campus. 

School Closure

There may be days when Colfax Elementary will be closed due to snow conditions,  loss of power, poor air quality, or other emergency conditions. This is determined by the California Highway Patrol, Mid Placer Transportation, and school officials. The District will use its automated telephone/email/text message system to let parents know when school is closed. Therefore, please make sure we always have your current contact information. If school is closed, you will be notified as soon as possible. Please remember that you, as a parent, are most knowledgeable of specific road conditions around your residence. If you decide it is unsafe to bring your children to school, please notify the school that this is the case. 

In the event of school closure, distance learning may be provided.  Requirements and expectations will be communicated to students and families by the school administrator and teachers.  All school rules and policies will be applied wherever applicable during distance learning.  In the event of school closure that requires distance learning, students will receive instruction and will be supported by teachers and staff to continue growth and progress towards academic standards.  

School Site Council 

Each year the School Site Council reviews the school plan and safety plans and identifies ways to maintain and/or improve the quality of the instructional program in the school. This plan provides money to be used at the school level, such as federal Title 1 funds.  SSC is made up of parents, teachers, classified staff and administrators. If you would like to be a part of the team, please contact the school office. 

Sexual Harassment 

Sexual harassment or harassment for any reason (based upon race, color, religion, national origin, age, marital status, or physical handicap) will not be tolerated. Any individual (employee, supervisor, or student) engaging in this type of harassment will face progressively severe disciplinary action. 


Teachers may provide a time for snacks during the school day. Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack and avoid items such as candy, soda, and other caffeinated and sugary beverages. Students are discouraged from sharing snacks with other students or pressuring students to share their snacks with others. Snacks should be conveniently packaged and ready to eat. Students are responsible for disposing of any litter from their snack and are to eat in designated areas only. 

Spirit Days

Students, staff members, and volunteers are encouraged to show “Bulldog Pride” and wear our school colors, blue and white on Fridays. Student Leadership groups may designate other spirit days in accordance with Red Ribbon Week or other activities throughout the year.

Student Council/Leadership 

The student council/leadership is made up of elected representatives. The objective of student council is to promote leadership skills among its members, while contributing to the school. It is the duty of student council members to regularly attend meetings, distribute information to their classmates and bring student-generated issues to the attention of the council. Students interested in participating in student council should demonstrate and maintain excellent citizenship and positive academic standing (see requirements for special school activities). 

Student Records 

The Colfax Elementary School District maintains cumulative records for each student, as required by law. These records are available for parents to review. Please contact the school office to set up an appointment with an administrator should you desire to review your child’s cumulative record. 

Study Hall

Study Hall is a time for students to address issues that may be affecting the student academically. Study Hall may be assigned to students for every 3 tardies and/or 3 or more incomplete assignments causing a negative impact to academic success and growth. Study Hall opportunities are provided to make up work and connect on issues of timely attendance. Study Hall time and place will be indicated on the Study Hall form. If a student does not attend an assigned Study Hall, the student will be given a behavior referral for a Level 1 minor behavior.  Students with three missed study hall behavior forms will receive a Level 2 major behavior referral.  Study Hall is only for students who have been required to attend. 

Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)

Students participate in regular silent reading in their classrooms. Grades K-3 will read a minimum of 20 minutes and grades 4-8 will read a minimum of 30 minutes. During this period of time, students are expected to read books that are at their reading levels. Recent research indicates that this simple procedure positively affects student reading ability. Not all reading material is acceptable for SSR. Students should also read at least the same amount daily at home.

Technology Use

Students will have on-going opportunities to access technology using the numerous Chromebooks and computers on campus. Students will be required to complete a Technology Use Agreement prior to being permitted to use school technology, including Chromebooks. Students who abuse this privilege may be denied access to school technology, including Chromebooks. In addition, the display or creation of inappropriate or offensive materials may warrant suspension from school or other disciplinary, or restorative action, at the discretion of the administration.


Students are responsible for the textbooks assigned to them and all library books checked out from the classroom and school library. Students who damage books excessively may be charged the price of the replacement or an itemized charge based on damage. The amount needs to be paid by students / parent-guardians prior to releasing report cards/diplomas. 

Tobacco and Drug Free Zone

Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, vaping, and e-cigarettes are detrimental to the state of well-being and undermine the aim of education – which is to enable individuals to develop to their fullest potential. The Colfax Elementary School District seeks to ensure the highest standard of learning in the classroom and recognizes that use of chemical substances interferes with the learning environment. These products are not allowed onto the school grounds or taken on any school sponsored trip at any time, by any individual. Possession of or use may warrant suspension from school or other disciplinary, or restorative action, at the discretion of the administration.


The applications for bus transportation are available on the school website or in the school office and will need to be returned to Mid-Placer Transportation. Transportation service is provided by Mid-Placer, not the Colfax Elementary School District. Parents with questions about transportation should call (530) 823-4820.  Students who ride the bus are expected to follow rules with respect to traffic safety and proper conduct. Bus transportation shall only be provided if the individual student continually and habitually displays good conduct and behavior while preparing to ride, riding on, or leaving the bus. Riding privileges may be suspended if students choose to act inappropriately. Bus citations may be issued for misbehavior and may result in school consequences as well. 


If you have any questions about volunteering in the classroom or chaperoning field trips, please feel free to call, or stop by the school office.  Colfax Elementary has active parent participation that serves in a variety of capacities. Parents can serve as an assistant to the teacher by helping with students, collating papers, processing book orders, chaperoning field trips, etc. CESD Board Policy states that volunteers who are in contact with students need to have a valid TB clearance on file in the school office (Education Code §49406). All volunteers who drive, attend field trips (including overnight field trips), and those who volunteer at school must be fingerprinted. Even if you have previously been fingerprinted for another organization, you must be fingerprinted for Colfax Elementary School District. However, you need only be fingerprinted for CESD once. Please stop by the CES office prior to your scheduled appointment to pick up the necessary form. CESD may reimburse volunteers for the cost of fingerprinting once they are cleared. Please note that all volunteers must also have a current TB clearance on file with the school. TB clearances are valid for four years. If you are planning to drive students at any time during the school year, you must fill out our annual Parent Automobile Transportation Form and provide proof of driving record and current insurance coverage to the school office.