Student Google and Chromebook Help

If your Chromebook is not functioning properly, please contact Mrs. Barker to arrange for a replacement.
If your student has damaged a Chromebook, please refer to our Student Use of Technology for possible costs for repairs. Something that seems as simple as a key pulled off a keyboard results in a lot of time and money to replace. Please help keep our fleet of Chromebooks working by monitoring your student's use and explaining how to keep care of their Chromebook.

Again contact Mrs. Barker about any damage costs and to get a replacement.
The students' gmail accounts at Colfax are in a protected domain. This means that students using their gmail do not have the ability to email or share documents with anyone outside of a gmail account used by CESD. So students are able to email and share docs with each other and their teachers. They won't be able to email or share documents with someone using the default email account or any emails outside CESD. 
If, as a parent you want to add something to their google drive, it would be easiest to log into Google using their log on info. As a parent you have this right. Then you can just "be them" and add a picture or something you may have downloaded from your personal or business computer to their google drive. 
Some things might be blocked as a student user.