Classroom Teachers

Hannah Robinson Kindergarten Room 1
Jean Gardner with Talia Henderson and Samantha Saul TK/Kindergarten  K in Room 2
TK in Room C-4
Karen Ballowe 1st / 2nd Grade  Room 3
Debbie Ramey 1st Grade Room 4
Craig McAtee 3rd Grade Room 5
Don Elias 3rd Grade Room 6
Lisa Preston 2nd Grade Room 7
Melissa Willes
6th Grade Room 9
Kelsey Lamb 6th Grade Room 10
Kelly Masterson 4th Grade Room 12
Debbie Wilson 4th / 5th Grade
Room 11
Brianna Tabatt 5th Grade Room 14
Gayle Stringer 8th Grade Room 15
Christene Sunding 7th Grade Room 16
Leah Florence ART Room 18
Tara Chaddock 8th Grades Room 21
Danielle Hicks 7th Grades Room 22
Nicole Henry with  Jessica Reed Physical Education Gym
Special Education Department   Room 105
Chelsea Oseto Learning Center Room 104