Google Help

What is Chrome?
Chrome is a browser that allows you to search the internet. It's similar to Internet Explorer ( the big E on you PC ) or Safari on a Mac. Chrome also includes your Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Contacts. When you sign into Chrome with a gmail account and choose to Sync your account, that gmail account will link to all of your Google Apps and your Book Marks. Wherever you Sync your Chrome, your Apps, Extensions, Settings, BookMarks and App will follow you. If you sign into a Chromebook with the same chrome user it will automatically sync. A chromebook is only Chrome. 
When making a google classroom for students, you MUST create it with your chrome account. 
Get Chrome or Reinstall Chrome
If you have a PC but don't have Chrome go to link below. 
If you have Chrome but it's not working correctly you can also download it and reinstall it. This will "refresh" your chrome and get it working.
Turn Sync in or Off
It is ok to Sync your school PC/laptop, but don't do so with a lab or shared PC. You can also Un-Sync and log out of Chrome when you know someone else will be using your computer.
Sign OUT of Chrome after un-Syncing