Nurse Services Department

We are so excited to have students back on campus! In order to keep our schools open, please review the following health guidelines and remind your students about ways to stay healthy.
  • Make sure to complete the daily health screen at home BEFORE sending your student to school.  If he/she has any symptoms, please keep your student home and notify the school.
  • Wash your hands often
  • Wear a mask/face covering
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes
  • Keep 6 feet of space between you and others
If you have more questions about COVID-19, please contact the school nurse.  You can also click on the links below for more information:
  • Under the California School Immunization Law (California Health and Safety Code, Sections 120325-120375), children are required to receive certain immunizations in order to attend public and private elementary and secondary schools, child care centers, family day care homes, nursery schools, day nurseries and developmental centers.
  • While evidence of these vaccinations are required for school, we also appreciate that given the current COVID-19 situation, access to your healthcare provider may be difficult and/or delayed. We encourage you to contact your health provider now to see about scheduling an appointment.  If you are not able to get your child’s immunizations before school starts, we will accept proof of an upcoming appointment date as an alternative. 
  • We know these are difficult times and we want to work with you and support you as best we can. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your school's health clerk with any questions or concerns or if you need help making an appointment.
The school health office supervises students who are required to take medication during the school day.  A written authorization from the student’s physician and parent or guardian is required before designated school staff can assist the student in taking medication, including medications prescribed by the physician and over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Motrin, cough drops, and ointments. 
Any medications that will be stored in the Health Office must be signed in by a parent/guardian and staff member.  The Health Aide/staff member will verify the medication against the physician’s orders, noting the medication’s expiration date, quantity, and form (liquid, pills, inhaler, nasal spray, eye drops, etc.)
All medication must be in the original container and placed under lock and key in the health office in the administration building for the safety of all students, except those medications that a physician requests the pupil be allowed to carry (e.g., inhalant for asthma, Auto-injector Epi-Pen for severe allergies).  Doctor’s orders are required to be kept on file at the school for student carrying authorized medication.  When on a field trip, the medications shall be monitored by and in possession of a teacher at all times.
To request medication administration at school, please print out and review the form and take it your child's doctor to complete.

What is an IHCP? 

IHCP stands for individualized health care plan. It is a document that is created to support your student and their health in the educational environment. 

Who should have one? 

Students with mild to severe health care needs and require frequent nursing services at school, or students who have health conditions that have the potential to result in a medical emergency. Each IHCP is individualized to meet the needs of the student. 

What is the purpose of an IHCP? 

The IHCP helps assure consistent and safe health care for the student, and sets procedural guidelines that provide specific directions about what to do in a particular emergency. IHCPs are provided to your student’s teachers each school year. 

Conditions that merit an IHCP: 

Seizures, Asthma, Diabetes, Irritable bowel syndrome (ex: Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis), Heart related issues, Severe Allergic Reactions (ex: bee stings, food allergies), History of fainting, Bleeding, Blood issues, Concussions. 


If you think your student needs to have an IHCP, please contact the school nurse for more information.

It's Flu Season!
As we continue to deal with COVID-19, it's also important to remember that we are about to enter flu season.  Flu shots are an important part of flu prevention. Please see the attached flyers to find a flu shot clinic near you.